2016 Jamis Renegade Exile


2016 Jamis Renegade Exile

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Starting with a wide and consistent stack and reach range, we set out to design a frame that could handle on or off road conditions while maintaining a comfortable ride. As you start to review the geo chart you will noticed we have 3 different fork offsets, BB drops and rear center measurements. Add size specific tubing and 2 different sized rear triangles and you have what we feel is the perfect endurance geo for all sized riders. The reason for this is that we wanted the 48 and 61 to fit the rider correctly and make the geo changes needed to provide the perfect ride.



Size specific tubing optimizes ride quality and assures the lightest possible weight for each frame size. Our 48, 51 and 54cm Renegade frames are designed with top and down tubes 10% smaller than on the 56, 58 and 61cm. The result is a bike that has consistent performance characteristics across the size range, offering a ride that is virtually tuned for each and every rider.



ECO stands for Enhanced Compliance Offset. The ECO fork blades are swept forward a few millimeters to provide vertical compliance for a more comfortable and controlled ride without any compromise to lateral stiffness, thanks to the reinforcing rib on the inside of the fork legs. Integrating a 15mm thru-axle into the fork amplifies the benefits of the ECO design by reducing weight and resisting torsional flex due to disc brake forces.



With endurance geometry designed to go anywhere the only choice was disc brakes. We even took it up a step with both the Renegade Elite and Expert coming with Hydraulic brakes. With hydraulic disc brakes you will have the most consistent and confidence-inspiring braking available. Just think about jamming down hill on a rutted out fire road with your hands all over the hoods…the power & modulation benefits of hydraulic disc brakes become readily apparent.



We should call them magic mounts. With a collection of fork and frame mounts you can easily choose to mount fenders or a rear carrier. This opens up options when the weather goes bad or can even turn Renegade into a commuter.



Tubeless and wider rims across the range provide great benefits on any terrain.  The tubeless benefits are to help prevent flats with sealant as well as being able to adjust your tire pressure for the perfect ride. For example on dirt roads you may want to reduce the tire pressure to increase your contact patch for better grip without the worry of pinch flatting.  The beauty of the wider rims effectively gives you a constant and wide tire surface yielding better handling, stability and confidence with plenty of surface grip for control.


Shimano's new Claris 2400 8-speed group pulls down features including Dual Control shifters and wide range derailleurs to provide a reliable and dependable drivetrain with precise shifting.


FSA's compact chainring concept is revolutionary. The FSA Tempo 50/34 crank gives you a 15% lower gear ratio with only a 6% off the top ring. You get the hill climbing capability of a triple, yet less weight than a standard double.


The Alex ATD470 rim with TCS (Tubeless Compatible System) features a tubeless ready rim with a reinforced rim bed to counter-act disc brake forces. This wheelset is ready for your next adventure.


Tom Ritchey has done it again with the EVOMAX bar. This time TR has taken his shallow drop (120mm) and short reach (73mm) bar and added a 12° flare at the drop for a wider bar that increases stability, and clearance between your forearm and the top bar while hitting the roughtest terrain.


Clement has not only taken CX by storm, they are now focused on the Adventure market. The X’Plor USH is a 700 x 35 mm adventure tire USH is designed for mixed conditions. The combination of firm center ridge and diamond-shaped side knobs provide low rolling resistance and great cornering control.

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