Serfas E-Lume 200 Headlight

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Light, E-Lume 200.jpg

Serfas E-Lume 200 Headlight


The Serfas E-Lumes Series light line was developed to be the best on the market at the very best value. These headlights will meet and exceed their expected lumen output while offering you all the features you've come to enjoy from serfas lighting. Please welcome the new line of E-Lume Series lights, and be prepared to turn night into day.


COmpact lightweight aluminum design

Super bright output

water resistant rating IPX4

New level 3 battery life indicator

Last memory mode

Max charges rate of 500mA

Charges from dead to fully charge in 2.5 hours


Solid modes: High (200 lumens): 2 hours, Medium (100 Lumens): 4.25 hours, Low (100 Lumens): 7 hours

Flash Modes: daytime flash (200 lumens):50 hours, Low flash (50 lumens) 18 Hours

Weight: 162 grams with bracket


Micro USB Cord

Handlebar mount

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