Serfas Cosmo 30 Taillight

Light, cosmo 30.jpg
Light, cosmo 30.jpg

Serfas Cosmo 30 Taillight


30 Lumens to keep you safe! The UTL-30 utilizes an aluminum constructed body to house an IPX6 waterproof light. With its 5 modes, the UTL-30 is ready for action.


Large, highly visible lens for maximum visibility

IPX6 waterproof

Max charge rate 500mA

charges from dead to fully charged in 2 hours

Last mode memory


Solid modes: Hight (30 Lumens): 2 hours, Low (15 Lumens): 4 hours

Flash Modes: Daytime Flash (30 Lumens): 5.25 hours, High Flash (30 lumens): 8 hours, Medium flash (15 lumens): 10 hours, Low flash (7 LUmens): 13 hours

Weight: 60 grams with bracket

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