Micro Blast Alloy C02 Inflator

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Pump, MicroBlast C02.jpg

Micro Blast Alloy C02 Inflator


The Micro Blast C02 Inflator is what you need for easy inflation on the road or trail. This easy to use C02 inflator head comes with teo 16 gram threaded cartridges and a sweet little foam cartridge cover that protects while in use. The spring push design makes it easy to inflate your presta valved tube.


Fits all threaded C02 cartridge sizes

Alloy mini head with threaded Apring push design

Includes two 16g C02 cartridges with MB-3 only

Includes one reuseable foam cartridge cover to fit 12 g or 16 g cartridges


Weight: 18 grams w/o C02's

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